The purpose of Serenity and Health is to assist you in finding your own path to health, peace of mind, and God.

The program grew out of Dr. Chacko’s decades long experience practicing medicine. She was deeply affected by the suffering she saw, especially as she came to realize how much of this suffering was avoidable. It disturbed her to realize how much we all suffer unnecessarily because of our habits, lifestyles, thinking patterns, and negative emotions. After much prayer, reflection, and research, Dr. Chacko developed Serenity and Health to emphasize, first, how health of body, mind and spirit is interlinked and, second, how all of us can use that fact and our faith to improve our health and find peace of mind and closeness to God, all as a package deal.

Dr. Chacko emphasizes how learning about key areas of physiology, psychology, neuroscience, and medicine can help us as we travel on this journey to serenity, health, and God. She believes this background helps us understand how our conscious and unconscious minds, habits, and behaviors all interact in ways that can promote health and peace of mind or destroy it. Relevant topics include stress, resilience, meditation, prayer and particularly Centering Prayer, mindfulness and “God centered mindfulness,” epidemiology of lifestyle related disease, eating and exercise habits, the human condition and God’s mercy.

To work toward these goals, Dr. Chacko provides her blog with its regular feature of suggestions, which she hopes the readers will take very seriously. She will offer occasional workshops or retreats, continue working with a small women’s group called Caring for Body and Soul, and offer resources for self study. She is working on a book on this general subject. The positive experiences that she has had thus far with Serenity and Health have only increased her motivation to share this work. She believes the potential benefits are far reaching, not just to each of us, but also beyond to a hurting world.


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