See what Serenity and Health program attendees have to say!

“The primary tool that transitioned my way of approaching challenges is Centering Prayer. Not only do I find it easier to manage the onset of stress or anxiety, but I also found peace that is hard to describe.”
— Serenity and Health Workshop Participant, 2018

“Using meditation and prayer, I was able to discover the faults I have while talking with other people. My goal is to notice and be aware of people’s emotions and to answer them with sincerity. Even though this will take some time to master, I am glad that this program has made me aware of my actions. This program has led me to knowledge I can now implement in my everyday life. I can create new goals and follow and improve my spiritual and personal growth.”
— Serenity and Health Workshop Participant, 2018

“It wasn’t until I attended the Caring for Body and Soul workshop that I made the connection between my physical, mental, and spiritual wellbeing. It introduced me to the importance of mindfulness in everyday activities. I have begun to “unlearn” what I’d been taught as a child. I feel great joy in my newfound knowledge that I don’t have to have all the answers, or do everything myself. Rather, through Divine nearness, I can simply claim help and guidance, which is promptly and lovingly there.”
— Caring for Body and Soul Workshop Participant, 2018

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“Your Path helped me so much! I learned how to relax when I feel sad or upset. I had a pretty good diet before, but got rid of soda and am drinking more water and eating more fruits and vegetables. I am so grateful for this program.”
— Your Path Workshop Participant, 2018

“I’ve had the privilege of participating in several of Donna’s workshops and, as a result, am a founding member of the new Caring for Body and Soul group. The experience has truly changed my personal perspective on stress, health, and God's presence. While Donna's professional experience lends a trusted and knowledgable basis for the techniques she teaches, it is her heart and humility that carry you with her on this learning journey. I am a better, happier, and healthier person because of her guidance and her friendship.”
— Serenity and Health Workshop Participant, 2017

“Through YOUR PATH, my wife and I gained a lot of positivity in our lives. Donna gave me time to discuss my back pain, and it really helped me. We are really grateful to have Donna and this program in our lives.”
— Your Path Workshop Participants, 2018