Seeking the Hidden Riches

Henri Nouwen, the renowned 20th century theologian, writes eloquently about the powerful self-discovery that accompanies writing. He states: "Writing is a process in which we discover what lives in us."

I might not have believed this but for my writing experiences of the last few years. I have found the writing process to be fascinating. Not only does it make me dig deep inside myself to search for clarity,  it also brings immense satisfaction.

Read Nouwen's brief but powerful reflection on writing. 


1. Write something. It can be a journal entry, a prayer, a mission statement, a personal letter, a letter to the editor, a personal essay about love or loss in your life, or whatever flows from your pen or keyboard.

2. Read books. You probably have your own list of books you want to read. Let me encourage you to step away from your personal devices, social media and television to fully embrace a book.

3. If you have any interest in writing about your life, read The Art of Memoir by Mary Krall.

4.  Above all,  savor the written word, whether it be yours or another's. Your health and serenity will be the better for it!

God bless all of you.