The Christmas Gift

I enjoyed a recent podcast in which Oprah interviewed bestselling author Kathy Freston about her book Quantum Wellness. It was fun and informative to hear these two bright ladies examine Freston’s 8 pillars of wellness: meditation, visualization, fun activities, conscious eating, exercise, self-work, spiritual practice, and service.  It struck me how much these pillars are in line with what I talk and write about. Except for one big difference: I strongly emphasize the central role of God and faith,  which I consider to be the keys to my own path to health of body, mind, and spirit. Yes, God and my faith provide the explicit basis for my life—and that includes my path to wellness. 

Now is the Christmas season, when Christians like myself celebrate the birth of Jesus. His birth was quite a gift, as is our faith. Let me briefly describe the connection between my gift of faith and wellness. 

My faith provides meaning and a roadmap for my life and incorporates the 8 pillars and more. My religion supports my faith and, in addition, helps me achieve health of body, mind, and spirit. Through my church, I have found: prayer and worship; meditation (Centering Prayer); what I call God-centered mindfulness; community; motivation to care for my body— my “Temple of the Holy Spirt”— and our earth; and, inspiration to be a more loving and forgiving person. In addition, I enjoy an abiding hope for the ultimate peace to come. Scientists have shown that these types of behaviors and thinking yield improved mental and physical health.

This concept of faith as a package deal that leads us to serenity, health, and closeness to God is dear to me. The Christmas spirit inspired me to express my gratitude for my gift of faith, for the opportunity to write about these themes, and for all of you sojourners no matter your path.


  1. If you are a Christian, take some quiet time from the hubub of the season to thank God for your faith and the gift of Christmas.

  2. If you do not have a specific faith or religion, celebrate love and friendship as you follow your path. Let each of us make positive ripples that together can rock the world!

Merry Christmas, Belated Happy Hanukkah, Happy Holidays, and Happy New Years,


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